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VIDEO- Hezbollah Ambush Nusra terrorists in Arsal Barrens

27 May 2015 22:59

VIDEO- Hezbollah Ambush Nusra terrorists in Arsal Barrens

Fighters of the Lebanese resistance ambushed a Takfiri group in Arsal barrens on Wednesday, killing all members of a Takfiri group operating there.

The video below shows the ambush which targeted the terrorists.

Security sources told al-Manar that the group belongs to “al-Ghurabaa” Brigade of Nusra Front, noting that the ambush was perfect and that the militants were observed through surveillance drone.Arsal barrens

The Takfiris were planning a terrorist attack in Arsal barrens near the barrens of the Lebanese town of Nahle, the sources added.

Among the killed militants was a commander, the sources said, addding that the terrorists’ vehicle as well as a room used by them were totally destroyed.

The Syrian army and the resistance fighters have been for weeks engaged in a wide-scale operation to secure the barrens of Qalamoun. This area lies on the border between Syria and Lebanon and is considered as stronghold for the Syria-based Takfiri militants.

Controlling this area is of mush significance since it secures the Lebanese towns in Bekaa from the Terrorists’ attacks.

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