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Jaish Al-Islam’s Leader Killed in Syrian Army Operation

28 May 2015 15:23



The Syrian army killed the religious leader of the Saudi-backed Takfiri terrorist group, Jaish al-Islam, in an operation on Wednesday.

According to FNA dispatches from Syria, Syrian army troops killed Jaish al-Islam’s Mufti Sameer al-Ka’keh, nicknamed as Abu Abdulrahman, who was a close advisor of the leader of the terrorist group, Zahran Aloush.

Observers believe that the Syrian army’s operation has come in response to the assassination of two leaders of Jaish al-Wafa that fights alongside the country’s army against the militants. Jaish al-Wafa (the Army of Loyalty) that is comprised of former anti-government militants who join the army after repentance fights against terrorist groups in Damascus province.

Jaish al-Wafa is of strategic importance to the Syrian army as it has precise and thorough intelligence about the terrorist groups and their positions in Damascus province

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