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Iran tourism catches eye of big hoteliers

30 May 2015 11:55


Some of the world’s most prominent hotel managers will visit Iran soon to discuss investment in the country’s tourism and construction of luxury hotels, president of World Trade Center Tehran Mohammad Reza Sabzalipour has said.

“One of these brand names, a large hotel management company, owns more than 150 luxury hotels in five continents and is famous for its services and hospitality,” he said on Saturday, without naming them.

Sabzalipour said extensive negotiations with several big names in the sector had been going on for a year for investment in the construction and renovation of hotels and commercial hotel management.

“After months of consultations and extension of guarantees, we have convinced them to a great extent and paved the way for their presence in the Iranian market.”

The delegates are planned to travel separately and visit tourist destinations and hold talks with Iranian mayors and related state officials as well as private investors.

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