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’Israel’ Dreads Hizbullah New Tactics in Qalamoun: We Must Fear Attacking Drones

30 May 2015 9:54


The photos of Islamic Resistance new tactics in Qalamoun irritated the Zionist entity, out of fear of the new confrontation with Hizbullah.

’Israel’ Dreads Hizbullah New Tactics in Qalamoun: We Must Fear Attacking Drones

This came hours after the Resistance broadcasted images of launching a missile from a reconnaissance targeting terrorists in the border area between Lebanon and Syria.

In this context, “Israel’s” Channel 10 warned that “Hizbullah’s use of the advanced weapons would rise fear inside the “Israeli” military institution.”

“The existence of such a weapon, a military directed plane, means that they do not only receive and broadcast pictures for intelligence purposes, but for attacking purposes.”

The channel showed how the aircraft targeted a gathering of “al-Nusra Front” [Al-Qaeda branch in Syria], describing the attack as “concentrated”.

For his part, Nicholas Blanford wrote that “the ongoing Hizbullah offensive in Qalamoun has produced a rare abundance of online combat footage showing the party’s fighters battling militants of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front and allied factions in the rugged mountain peaks of the strategically located region.”

According to his article, Blanford highlighted that “viewing the raw footage leaves an indelible impression of a professional, motivated, well-kitted and disciplined army using an array of weaponry and logistical equipment to prosecute the offensive in the most efficient manner possible.”

The Zionist entity’s military officials have long voiced concern at the valuable lessons Hizbullah’s cadres are learning in the Syria war and how they can be applied in the future conflict.

“We understand that Hizbullah is thinking offensively. It is gaining experience in Syria where it is initiating assaults in built-up areas and attacking cities,” an “Israeli” army officer declared last September.

“They are learning about controlling hundreds of fighters, coordinating intelligence, firepower and command and control. This is a serious development that requires us to prepare accordingly.”

Hizbullah’s commanders carefully planned the offensive in advance, gathering intelligence on the militants’ deployment using fighters on the ground and pilotless reconnaissance drones, marking the region into operational sectors and amassing the fighters and logistical support necessary for a campaign in remote and largely unpopulated mountainous terrain.

Most of the weapons systems used by Hizbullah, as seen in the combat videos, are standard fare which have stood the test of time from the days of the resistance campaign against the “Israeli” occupation of south Lebanon. They include mortars of varying calibers, recoilless rifles, “Dushka” 12.7mm heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles ranging from the relatively antiquated wire-guided Sagger to more modern systems such as the laser beam-guided Kornet.

He further underscored that the Resistance men is also using some weapons that have been in their possession from before the Syria conflict but were rarely employed. They include sniper rifles such as the 7.62mm Dragunov and what appears to be, in one video at least, one of the variants of the U.S.-made Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Systems that have been acquired by Hezbollah during the Syria war include the GP30 grenade launcher slung beneath the barrel of the standard AK-47 rifle. Since the GP30 emerged onto the arms black market in Lebanon 18 months ago, it has become a prestige acquisition for the discerning rifle owner, fetching around $7,000, more than three times the price of a good quality AK-47, according to arms dealers.

Some videos have shown Hizbullah fighters driving T-55 tanks and BMP armored fighting vehicles on loan from the Syrian army. They also have been making use of rocket-assisted mortar rounds that have a relatively short range but pack a powerful punch.

One of the most interesting developments is the tactical use of small short-range micro drones. Several videos feature footage shot by these tiny drones showing Nusra’s positions, moving vehicles or personnel.

“Footage of the Hizbullah resistance men themselves show them wearing desert camouflage uniforms with military helmets and backpacks carrying all they need to fight in the field, an appearance far-removed from the more rag-tag demeanor of their opponents. They seem to use their weapons efficiently, generally firing machine guns in short bursts and their rifles with single aimed shots while holding the weapon by the magazine rather than the fore grip.

Some of the skills Hizbullah, according to the writer, is employing in Qalamoun will be irrelevant in the context of a future war with “Israel”, such as driving tanks and armored vehicles. But other capabilities, such as using the micro drones and rocket-assisted mortars, could find a place in a war against “Israel”.”

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