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Sunni cleric stresses unity as an Islamic principle

30 May 2015 15:40


Hajj Ghafour Akhound Yazdani, Friday prayer leader of Raz and Jargalan in Northern Khorasan Province highlighted maintaining Islamic unity as a duty for Muslims saying that in a situation when the enemies have targeted the roots of Islam and Muslim community maintaining solidarity is the most important necessity, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Akhound Yazdani noted,” Islamic solidarity and unification of Muslims is stressed because enemies have united to disunite Muslims.”

He called the holy book of Islam as the book of unification and said,” Qur’an is a cleat light to lead mankind from darkness to light.”

Akhound Yazdani noted that unity brings security, peace and fraternity into society and added that solidarity will bring hearts nearer to each other.”

He referred to the point that Islam is based on nature of man and noted,” According to the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, our Islam is true Islam and this is the reason for our unity and solidarity.”

Akhound Yazdani called Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the greatest man in the history of Islam and a perfect example for all people.

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