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Popular Forces Foil Terrorist Attack on another Mosque in Awamiya, Qatif, Saudi Arabia

31 May 2015 18:08



The volunteer forces in the Saudi town of Awamiya in Qatif region foiled a terrorist attack against a Shiite mosque and prevented a third blast incident at a Shiite religious center in Eastern Saudi Arabia in just week.

The popular forces discovered and defused a vehicle loaded with munitions parked in front of al-Abbas (AS) mosque before the midday prayers.

Reports said that the vehicle was to explode when the worshippers ended their prayers and came out of the mosque.

Also, eyewitnesses said that after discovering the vehicle, the Saudi security forces were informed but they arrived at the scene after several hours of delay.

The incident happened after a Friday terrorist attack on a Shiite mosque in Dammam by the ISIL left 3 people dead and 4 others wounded even though a volunteer force tackled the suicide bomber and blocked his path to the mosque compound.

While the footage taken of the blast showed that these were the Shiite popular forces who prevented the suicide bomber from entering the mosque, the Saudi interior ministry announced in a statement that the country’s security forces had foiled the Friday terrorist attack on a Shiite mosque in Dammam.

The popular forces committees were set up at the request of a number of Shiite clerics and people in Qatif.

“The people in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province believe that the government ignores security measures in the Shiite-populated areas and even doesn’t prevent the Takfiri clerics’ propaganda against the Shiites in the media,” a member of the popular forces said.

“The Saudi government’s incapability in controlling the Takfiri terrorists was displayed again in the Friday terrorist attack on Imam Hossein (AS) mosque in Dammam and it is of much surprise that the Saudi interior ministry tries to show off as the hero who saved people’s life during the mosque attack,” a local resident in Dammam said.

After the second terrorist attack on a Shiite mosque in the past week, hundreds of Saudi protestors took to the streets of the Eastern Province.

The Eastern Saudi city of Dammam witnessed on Friday a mass rally held by its locals to condemn the criminal explosion which was carried out by Takfiri terrorists at Imam Hossein’s (AS) mosque.

The participants chanted slogans against ISIL, and accused the Saudi regime of conspiring with Takfiri groups to support terrorist attacks in the Shiite-populated region.

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