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Prominent Islamic Media Al-Alam News Network faced with intensive jamming by Zionist Saudi Regime

31 May 2015 8:41

Al-Alam News Network faced with intensive jamming by Saudi

The broadcast of Al-Alam News Network on some satellites had been illegally interrupted due to illegal jamming.

The center of sending jammed signals is from south of Yemen and Ethiopia.

It is a week that Jamming attack on Al-Alam signals on satellites has been begun.

Al-Alam office in Beirut reports that Saudi Arabia decided to attack “Resistance Medias” and this jamming is as powerful as the transponders of satellites which broadcast Al-Alam signals is interrupted.

Al-Alam satellite signals and Al-Alam Sites in recent years and especially in the period of developments in Arab countries continuously had been attacked, because some countries in the region didn’t want voice of Al-Alam reach to its audience.

In Saudi aggression to Yemen, Al-Alam accounts in Twitter and YouTube hacked by Saudi related hackers.

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