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Allah-u-Akbar: Saudi Soldiers Killed as Yemeni Army, Committees Storm Border Military Post

5 June 2015 15:07





Several Saudi soldiers were killed on Friday when a bomb ripped through their vehicle in the border military site of Tuwaileq in Jizan.

The bomb attack took place shortly after Yemeni army and Popular Committees stromed the post.

Yemeni Military Media told al-Massirah channel that the bomb was planted in the Saudi vehicle when the fighters stormed the Saudi post.

All soldiers in the vehicles were killed, the Yemen-based channel cited the Military Media as saying.

Yemen has been since March 26 under brutal aggression by Saudi-US coalition. Thousands of Yemenis have been martyred and injured in the attack, with the vast majority of them are civilians.

However, Yemeni army, backed by popular committees and tribal fighter has been responding to the Saudi aggression, with several border areas in the Saudi Arabia are under the fire of those fighters.

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