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EXCLUSIVE: Hezbollah Fighters Advance in Quneitra Province

8 June 2015 13:58



The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement made significant gains against the Takfiri terrorists’ positions in Quneitra province.

The Hezbollah fighters raided the military bases of Al-Nusra Front terrorists in al-Qassib, al-Saviseh and Naba al-Sakhr in Quneitra near the borders with Golan in the Occupied territories.

The Syrian army and the Hezbollah fighters have started military operations in al-Qalamoun mountainous region since three weeks ago.

Concurrent with Al-Qalamoun operations, the Hezbollah fighters have seized back several areas from Al-Nusra Front inside Lebanon near the borders with Syria.

On Sunday, Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces regained full control over strategic hilltops in Arsal barrens.

The Qarna al-Tanour hilltop in Arsal border region was purged of al-Nusra terrorists by Hezbollah fighters on Sunday, the Arabic-language al-Manar TV reported.

The Lebanese resistance forces are continuing their advances and heading towards Harf al-Daboul triangle in Southeastern Arsal mountainous area.

On Saturday, a source said that Hezbollah pushed back al-Nusra terrorists from the Southern border town of Arsal and seized control of a key area.

A senior Lebanese military official, preferring anonymity, said that the fighters of Hezbollah managed to recapture the al-Rahwah crossing from the control of the Takfiri terrorists after killing large groups of them.

The source added dozens of the al-Nusra terrorists fled the battlefield as they failed to resist the fire power of the Lebanese group.

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