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Syrian Army Repels Jeish Al-Fath’s Attack on Strategic Region in Idlib

14 June 2015 17:53


The Syrian army thwarted heavy attacks by Jeish al-Fath, a coalition of different terrorist groups in Syria, on a strategic region in the Arab country’s Idlib province on Sunday.

The army units repelled attacks by hundreds of Jeish al-Fath terrorists on the Syrian army’s positions in Farika al-Abid in Idlib province in Northwestern Syria.

The terrorists attack started when hundreds of Jeish al-Fath members launched a massive offensive operation on the Syrian army’s positions from the two sides of Sugar Factory-Ariha Highway and Bashlamoun Tala-Al-Manta.

On Friday, the Syrian warplanes killed over 40 Jeish al-Fath senior commanders by pounding their positions in Idlib province.

Notorious terrorist, Abu Ahmed Derwish, was among the death toll of the Army’s Friday airstrike in Idlib.

The Jeish al-Fath commanders were killed while they had gathered for a coordination meeting.

Jeish al-Fath is a military alliance of the terrorist groups that was formed on March 24. Jeish al-Fath comprises of several Takfiri and non-Takfiri terrorist groups and one of the main reasons for the rise of clashes among Jeish al-Fath subgroups is their ideological differences.

There are many factions, including Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra, in Jeish al-Fath that do not agree politically, but have banded together for territorial gains.

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