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Ansarullah Sets Preconditions for Retreating from Yemeni Cities

20 June 2015 18:52


Ansarullah leaders announced that their only precondition for withdrawing from the Yemeni cities is the UN guarantee for disarming al-Qaeda present in the Arab country.

Tawfiq al-Hamiri, an Ansarullah leader and a member of Yemen Revolutionary Committee, said that the movement members are ready to retreat from Aden and other Yemeni cities if their only one precondition is met.

“Our only precondition is that the UN guarantees that the al-Qaeda elements in Yemen will also be disarmed,” he said.

Noting that al-Qaeda is the main side in the Yemen conflicts, Hamiri expressed surprise that the group had no representative in the recent Geneva meeting on Yemen.

The UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva on Yemen ended on Friday without any tangible results.

Yemeni sources close to the UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva had said on Tuesday that the meeting was about to fail even before it started as the world body and Saudi Arabia had asked Ansarullah to surrender to all their conditions.

“The UN has called on Yemen’s revolutionary committees to withdraw from the country’s cities, surrender their weapons and don’t respond to the Saudi attacks,” an Ansarullah leader accompanying the movement’s delegation in the Geneva talks told FNA on Tuesday.

“The UN says that the best way to fight the al-Qaeda in Yemen is cooperation with Saudi Arabia and preventing (what they called as) Iran’s interference,” the Ansarullah leader who called for anonymity said.

He said the Ansarullah delegation has, meantime, underlined the necessity for an end to the Saudi regime’s strikes against Yemen and its interference in the country, and described Riyadh as an accomplice to the terrorists’ savage crimes against the Yemeni nation.

“The Ansarullah delegation has stressed that the Saudi regime is required to be punished for its aggression against Yemen, suppression of the peaceful revolution and massacre of the innocent people,” the Ansarullah leader said.

Noting that Saudi Arabia doesn’t want any political solution to the crisis in Yemen, he complained, “The Yemen peace talks in Geneva are under the UN supervision only in word and not in action; as a matter of fact this is Saudi Arabia that is controlling the talks and that’s why the negotiations shouldn’t be credited politically.”

“The UN wants truce in Yemen, but the Saudi side lays emphasis on continuing its barbaric aggression against the Yemeni nation,” the Ansarullah official added.

He said that Ansarullah has strong evidence to prove the Wahhabi Saudis’ role in Yemen’s conflicts which includes not only Riyadh’s political and economic support for the terrorists and militia supporting fugitive president Mansour Hadi, but also dispatch of equipment and terrorists from Syria to the battle grounds in Yemen.

Representatives of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement arrived in the Swiss city of Geneva on Tuesday to attend UN-brokered peace talks.

The plane of the Yemeni delegates landed in Geneva on Tuesday with one day delay after it was not allowed to cross into Egyptian airspace.

The plane left Djibouti for the Swiss city late on Monday after it was barred from entering Egyptian airspace.

According to reports, Egypt did not allow the Yemeni plane to enter its airspace, forcing it to have a long stop in Djibouti.

The reports added the Egyptian move came as a result of pressure from Riyadh.

The UN-brokered peace talks were aimed at ending the Saudi aggression against the Arab country which has now entered its 87th day with 4,673 Yemenis killed and thousands of others wounded in the Saudi-led airstrikes.

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