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Saudi Pilot Commits Suicide for Massacring Yemeni Children

24 June 2015 16:24
Saudi Pilot Commits Suicide for Massacring Yemeni Children

Saudi Pilot Commits Suicide for Massacring Yemeni Children


A Saudi pilot reportedly committed suicide after feeling guilty of massacring Yemeni children.

According to Arab media, a TV network called al-Mostaqella quoted reliable sources in Saudi king office that Mohammed Omar al-Anzi who was a fighter plane pilot committed suicide after seeing the photos of the children who were massacred in a brutal way during an air attacks he was involved in.

Before committing suicide, he sent a letter to a number of his friends in which he said that war in Yemen was a big crime against defenseless people.

He said in his letter “We have forgotten Islam, we were forced to shed the blood of Muslims the way Christian or Jewish pilots do. Muhammad Bin Salman has pushed us into a war which is already doomed to failure.”

Bin Salman is the defense minister of the Saudi Arabia.

Al-Anzi further wondered in his letter, “I don’t know why we should endanger the interests of our own country because of what America or Jews say. Muhammad Bin Salman has grabbed the power and is pushing the country towards of an engulfing crisis.”

He went on to stress that “I see no way to save myself but death. If live, they will force me to take part in the massacre of defenseless Yemeni people again.”


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