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Israeli forces detain 40 Palestinian activists in West Bank

1 July 2015 22:42


Israeli forces have detained more than 40 Palestinians, including members of Hamas resistance movement, across the occupied West Bank in recent days.

According to local media reports, the activists were detained in the northern city of Nablus and surrounding towns.

The detainees include senior Hamas members, who have been jailed repeatedly by the Israeli regime over the past years.

The Tel Aviv regime has accused the detainees of expanding the military network of Hamas and pursuing anti-Israeli activities across the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli authorities allege that the activists were assigned with creating a central headquarters for Hamas in Nablus and expanding the group’s infrastructure, including the appointment of regional chiefs and allocating responsibilities in areas such as finance, education, intelligence and communications.

The Israeli regime also claims that Husam Badran, a 49-year-old native of Nablus, was responsible for organizing and running the command’s members.

However, Palestinian sources have vehemently rejected the Israeli allegations, saying the campaigners have been engaged in purely peaceful activities such as promoting education and expanding charity institutions.

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