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Terrorist attacks amid Saudi war spark anger in Yemen

1 July 2015 13:03



Yemen witnesses an increasing spate of terrorist attacks which observers say come in the context of the Saudi aerial bombardments of the country. Meanwhile, the Yemeni army has for the second time targeted an air base in Al-Suliel on the outskirts of the Saudi Capital Riyadh.

The fourth unprecedented terrorist attack during the holy month of Ramadhan that targeted a female mourners’ house leaving dozens of women and children injured. The incident on Monday night sparked fresh anger among people here.

Observers say such acts of violence and terror against civilians are aimed at fulfilling Saudi-led agendas to incite hatred and divisions among Yemenis, similarly to what is happening in Iraq and Syria.

In retaliation to what experts say Saudi’s relentless bombardment and terrorist attacks, the Yemeni army has successfully launched a scud missile on a military base in Aldowasir valley on the outskirts of Riyadh province, a development that observers say refutes Saudi claims of destroying Yemen’s ballistic capabilities.

As terrorist operations continue to claim innocent lives in Yemen, observers say a decisive army operation deep into Saudi territories would put an end to such unlawful war that is being waged on the people of the impoverished country.

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