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Zionist Entity on Alert amid Fears of “Organized” Palestinian Attacks in W.B.

2 July 2015 14:03


Recent attacks which took place in the West Bank have confused the Israeli officials, amid fears of more escalation and admission that these operations are ‘organized’.

Despite Israeli estimations that such attacks can’t reach an extent of a third Intifada, officials are still concerned, especially at least six attacks took place in less than a month.Israel on alert

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon blamed the Palestinian Authority for the attacks, saying Ramallah was inciting violence with special TV broadcasts for the Ramadan holy month.

“In the past days, days of Ramadan, there have been six attacks,” Ya’alon said on Tuesday.

“We have no doubt that the cause of this is incitement in general, and the incitement of the Palestinian Authority in particular. This is a religious holiday, and [the PA is] taking advantage of the days when people are sitting at home watching TV and movies, as a result of which people go out and then carry out attacks,” he added, in an apparent reference to the broadcasts on the PA media outlets.

Tel Aviv tightened security measures following the attacks, with military circles said that the attacks become organized more than being individual.

“Estimations indicate that there might be organized acts more than the individual ones,” Rony Daniel a military analyst told Israeli channel 2, noting that there is relation between these attacks.

For his part, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yoram Cohen said that the Palestinian attacks went up 50 percent since 2012, when there were 683, to 1,834. However, he claimed that the Shin Bet managed to reduce such attacks.

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