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Hamas slams PA arrest campaign against its cadres in W. Bank

3 July 2015 17:32


The Hamas Movement has condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA) for its frenzied arrest campaign against its cadres in the West Bank, accusing it of attempting to stop the growing resistance activities against the Israeli occupation.

Hamas spokesman Husam Badran stated in a press release on Thursday that the PA security apparatuses moved at the behest of the Israeli occupation to curb the escalating resistance operations in the West Bank, especially after the latter recently accused Hamas of being behind most of the attacks.

Badran said that the current arrest campaign vindicated further the PA security apparatuses’ subjugation to the Israeli occupation.

He held PA chief Mahmoud Abbas fully responsible for what he described as the acts of repression and terrorism practiced by his security agencies against the Palestinian people in the West Bank.

The Hamas spokesman urged all national factions and political forces to state their positions clearly against such acts, which he said are “tearing apart the Palestinian national fabric.”

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