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Hezbollah Deputy Chief: Takfiri Terrorism Masterminded by US, Israel

3 July 2015 17:23


Hezbollah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naeem Qassem underlined that Takfiri terrorists are the protégés of Washington and Tel Aviv.

“Takfiri terrorism has been masterminded by the US and the Zionist enemy with the purpose of helping them to achieve their goals throughout the world,” the Lebanese Al-Manar TV’s news website quoted Sheikh Qassem as saying on Friday.

He underlined that terrorism, including Takfiri terrorism, is doomed to failure in the near future.

In May, Commander of the Lebanese Army General Jean Qahwaji underscored that the Zionist regime of Israel and terrorist groups are the two sides of the same coin and fighting against them is a necessity.

“Confronting terrorism is not less dangerous and important than the Army’s mission in confronting the (Israeli) enemy,” Qahwaji said.

“Terrorism and Israel are two sides of the same coin,” he said, adding that the Army will not tolerate the Takfiri groups like the ISIL and al-Nusra front to spread in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, he said that the differences among the country’s rival leaders would not stop the military from defending Lebanon, vowing to continue the battle against terrorists.

“The political disputes will not thwart the army’s sacred duties in defending Lebanon,” Qahwaji said.

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