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Shia cleric highlights solidarity with moderate Sunnis

3 July 2015 17:39


Top Iranian Shia cleric stressed importance of mutual familiarization of Shia and Sunni Muslims hailing the common objectives with moderate Sunni Muslims.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Alireza A’arafi, Head of Al Mustafa University, met with former Indian official, hailing solidarity among all Muslims and vowed education of Islamic unity to the students at the international university, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He highlighted the importance and scientific, cultural and religious background of India and Kashmir region saying that Al Mustafa has had some of the best students among its Indian volunteers and that they can be counted as a great spiritual and scientific assets for the whole region.

Prayer leader of the holy city of Qom stressed necessity of familiarization between Shia and Sunni communities and said,” We are under one umbrella with moderate Sunni Muslims.” stressing for boosting ties between Shia Sunni centers and prevalence of proximity in education curriculums.

Hujjat-ul-Islam A’arafi referred to the efforts of the arrogant powers to block the path of Islamic Revolution noting,” The US and world arrogant powers, in a bid to confront the Islamic Revolution, started to spread a fake version of Islam and unfortunately they have made it to hatch intrigues in the world of Islam though we are sure of our final victory.”

Member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, also referred to 35 years of war and sanctions on Iran and said,” Though each one of these sanctions could have beaten the great powers of the world, Iranian nation made it to resist due to the blessings of the Islamic Revolution, guidelines of the Supreme Leader and struggles of the Iranian nation.”

Senior scholar also touched upon the nuclear negotiations saying weather the negotiations are fruitful or will demand extended talks, Iranian nation will maintain its path because it has found the path of developments.

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