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New Yorkers protest police brutality on July 4th

5 July 2015 22:32


New York Prospect Park has been the scene of a protest where a large group of people demanded justice for police brutality victims in the United States.

The protesters on Saturday expressed their anger over the shooting deaths of a number of African-American citizens by unfurling a giant banner that read “Stop killing black people.”

The group urged the American people to think about the patriotic values that are supposed to be honored on the Independence Day, July 4.

Limited freedom for black people in the United States was another key issue that was pointed out in the protests.

Imani Henry, an African-American activist, told Press TV that people in his country are attacked by police on a day-to-day basis.

“For us it is not just about police brutality, it is about a war on us, an economic war,” he said.

The protesters also remembered some of the well-known victims of police brutality who were killed by police in cold blood.

“I’m here today because I want to raise the question of whose independence are we truly celebrating?” said Kalisa Moore with the People’s Power Assembly.

“Black people are being killed with impunity every single solitary day,” she said. “There has been over 500 cases of murders by police terror this year alone and we haven’t even reached a full year.”

The protesters were then joined by a sympathetic crowd of people who were initially gathered in the park for the Independence Day celebrations.

New York police were present at the scene and reportedly expressed hostility towards the protesters, but they did not take action as they were outnumbered.

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