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Zionist Saudi regime fighter jets continue bombing areas in Yemen, scores die

5 July 2015 13:37


Enemy of Islam Saudi regime warplanes have continued pounding areas across Yemen, killing scores of people amid reports of a dire humanitarian situation in the impoverished Arab country.

According to media outlets on Sunday, at least 43 people were killed and 70 others were injured in the Saudi air raids on a market in the northwestern province of Hajjah on Saturday night.

Separately, Saudi warplanes bombed a munitions factory in the district of Saqayn in the Yemeni province of Sa’ada on Saturday, killing at least 23 people. They also targeted the area of Haydhan in the province, killing a woman and a child. A mosque was also bombed in Sa’ada.

On Sunday, a school was targeted by Saudi fighter jets in Sa’ada. There has been no immediate report on casualties or material damage.

Reports also say that heavy clashes are underway between the Yemeni army, backed by Popular Committees, and al-Qaeda-linked militants in the southwestern city of Ta’izz.

Meanwhile, UN agencies have reported a dire humanitarian situation in Yemen.

Adrian Edwards, the spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said the agency has managed to distribute humanitarian aid across the eight Yemeni governorates of Abyan, Aden, Amanat al-Asimah, Amran, Hajjah, Hodeida, Sana’a and Ta’izz.

“The distributions came amid a worsening situation in many governorates. al-Hazm, the capital of al-Jawf governorate in the country’s north, was hit by airstrikes for three consecutive days in late June causing the evacuation of an estimated 900 families,” he said.

Edwards said that there are more than 21 million people in need throughout Yemen, adding that there are also over one million internally displaced people in the country.

“UNHCR continues to call for unfettered access and movements of humanitarian workers and its supplies so that vital assistance can reach those in need,” he said.

Saudi Arabia has been bombarding Yemen since March 26 without any authorization from the United Nations.

According to local Yemeni sources, over 4,500 people have been killed since Riyadh launched its military campaign against Yemen.

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