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Iran is worthy of greatness and power

6 July 2015 18:30


Hezbollah’s deputy-secretary general has stressed that due to the leadership of Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and to its unwillingness to accept oppression, the Islamic Republic of Iran is worthy of greatness and power.

The deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, referred to the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries and explained that Iran has been pushed backward in the Islamic world and it resists in order to negotiate with all the major powers. From these negotiations, Iran demands and desires dignity, independence and kindness.

His Eminence said that Iran through its position and due to the leadership of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and its unwillingness to accept oppression, is a nation which is worthy of greatness and power. Iran is worthy of power and influence and we in Lebanon can learn from its effectiveness in attaining tolerance, kindness, morality, independence and dignity.

Referring to security developments in the region, Shaykh Qassem said Takfiri terrorism has become globalized and it has caused serious consequences for all Arab, Islamic and Western countries. “No one is safe from the evil of [Takfirism], even if there are only small Takfiri cells in some countries,” he said.

The deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah said that the Takfiri terrorist threat is not only local and regional but also global.

He stressed that the fighters of the Islamic Resistance (Hezbollah) are involved in the events in Syria and are fighting the Takfiri terrorists and are inflicting blows on the United States and the Zionist enemy’s schemes.

The Lebanese scholar said that the Qalamoun Mountains and in the town of Arsal remain fully under the control and the remnants of armed groups have been caged in and have lost their ability to change the situation on the ground.

He said that some of the reasons for Syria’s interference in Lebanon were due to the entry of terrorists into Lebanon. “How can these terrorists leave for Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and some other countries? Are we there? The logic is wrong because Takfiris do not need excuses, rather they are searching for a vacuum so that they can enter other countries,” he explained.

Shaykh Qassem considered the positions of some political groups in Lebanon toward Hezbollah, such as the March 14 Alliance, are due to Hezbollah’s actions in Syria. He said that Hezbollah is inflicting blows on the schemes of the US and Israel in regard to the Takfiri terrorists. Some Lebanese groups’ political alliances with Takfiri groups has been a strategic mistake.

His Eminence pointed to four years and three months since the conflict in Syria began and stressed that during this time the impossibility of overthrowing the Syrian regime has became clear. Those who have bet on the collapse of Syria are at a loss and their insistence on their former position will lead to their failure.

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