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Islam-Christianity coexistence, an asset of Lebanon

6 July 2015 9:02


Grand Mufti of Tyre and Jabal Amel in Lebanon hailed the coexistence of Muslims and Christians in the country stressing talks as the solution to the issues of Lebanon.

Sheikh Hassan Abdullah, grand Mufti of Lebanon, highlighted mutual respect between Muslims noting that the coexistence of Muslims and Christians is an asset which has to be protected, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

“We have to safeguard our unity because solidarity besides peace and domestic stabilization is the best way to confront Zionists and Takfiris (excommunicators).” he noted.

Sheikh Abdullah referred to the opposition of Amal Movement with any sectarian rift saying what is happening in Lebanon is political disagreement which is colored as a sectarian difference by some.

Lebanese cleric said,” The triangle of army, nation and resistance is a necessity for Lebanon and the sole solution to our issues is through talks and not conflicts or bullying.”

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