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‘Qods Day, Muslims’ Intl. Day’: Sunni cleric

6 July 2015 18:28


“Shedding blood of humans is allowed neither in Islam, nor in other divine religions,” said one of the members of Efta Council in Kurdistan.

Mamousta Seyyed Muhammad Saeid Husseini, one of the members of Efta Council in Kurdistan in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) slammed the crimes perpetrated by the regime of Zionism stressing such willful measures and misdeeds unmask the real inhumane face of Zionism.

The Kurdish cleric demanded Muslims worldwide and especially Iranian people to observe all out the Al-Quds day rally, holding the day as an International Islamic day belongs to Muslims.

“Enemies should know based on the divine pledges and Quran verses, dignity and greatness belong to Muslims and Islam will be a universal religion,” pointed out Mamousta Seyyed Muhammad Saeid Husseini.

“Iranians along with many a freedom-seeking nation voice the truth for hiding which the arrogant world have made huge investment for 60 years,” underscored the member of Efta Council in Kurdistan.

“The regime of Zionism is daunted by the expansion and spread of Islam Religion, trying its utmost to place hurdles on this way,” underscored the Sunni cleric.

Al Quds day was established by the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, who mandated it, be held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramdhan every year to ensure the cause of Palestine would never be forgotten or downplayed.

To arrive at this objective, Mamousta Seyyed Muhammad Saeid Husseini demanded Muslims to prepare so as to observe the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration in support of the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist regime of Israel.

In Iran, millions of people march on the streets on this day every year to protest against Israeli occupation and aggression in East Jerusalem.

Over the years, Quds Day has become an international public event. Massive rallies are taken out in Britain, Canada, Sweden, Russia, India, Pakistan, United States etc. Events are also held in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip. Organisations like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine have publicly endorsed Quds Day ceremonies in Palestine.

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