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At least 120 people killed in Saudi airstrikes in Yemen

7 July 2015 8:21


Over 120 people have been killed in Saudi airstrikes on Yemen over the last 24 hours.

At least 70 people were killed in multiple Saudi airstrikes in the impoverished country’s western province of Amran on Monday and 50 others died after Saudi jets carried out raids on a local market in the southwestern Lahij province.

Several people were also killed as Saudi warplanes carried out a number of attacks in the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada and the southwestern province of Ta’izz.

Earlier on Monday, the headquarters of a Yemeni party headed by the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was targeted in an aerial raid on the capital Sana’a.

Also on Monday, the Yemeni army backed by popular committees’ forces launched a series of rocket attacks on various military positions in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Jizan and Najran regions.

Yemeni forces carry out such attacks in retaliation for the kingdom’s merciless airstrikes, being carried out since March 26 without a UN mandate, against its neighbor.

According to Yemeni sources, over 4,600 people have been killed in the attacks.

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