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Seyyed Ammar al Hakim: DAESH, factor for uniting regional countries

7 July 2015 8:42


Prominent Iraqi cleric stressed top jurisprudent’s statement necessitating confrontation with DAESH terrorist group saying that uprooting the extremist group should be launched from Iraq.
Publish date : Monday 6 July 2015 22:17Code: 197434

Seyyed Ammar al Hakim, chairman of the Supreme Council of Iraq, hailed the influence of the fatwa issued by senior jurisprudent in preventing the advancement of DAESH terrorist group and demanded for initiating ways to uproot the criminal group from Iraq, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Before DAESH terrorist group broke into Iraq, we were separated groups with disagreements among us but motivation to stand against a shared enemy, DAESH, united us and this unity is the most important factor for achieving victory in a battle.”

He added,” DAESH defaced terrorism and revealed its plots besides giving the regional countries and the whole world enough motivation to join each other and stand against the terrorist group.”

Iraqi scholar also demanded formation of a regional front against DAEH and strengthening the popular mobilized groups as well as creating a legal support for its continuation.

Spokesman for the Supreme Council of Iraq also expressed his dissatisfaction over the usage of “militants” for Iraqi volunteers since these people are led by the country’s armed forces.

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