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Zionist Entity Frustrated as Iran Nuclear Deal Looms

7 July 2015 8:43


The Zionist entity is desperately trying to hinder a long-awaited nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers, as the talks aimed at clinching the deal entered its final stage.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again raising the specter of a bad deal, saying that such deal “will pave Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”This deal as far as we can see comes on almost daily concessions from the P5+1 to growing Iranian demands. Every day more concessions are made, and every day the deal becomes worse and worse,” Netanyahu said Monday.

“I can say that what we see in Vienna is not a breakthrough, but more like a breakdown — a breakdown of the principles that the P5+1 committed itself to uphold,” Netanyahu said, referring to the six countries negotiating with Iran.

He warned that Iran will see billions of dollars flow in as a result of sanctions relief, buttressing its coffers to pursue its regional ambitions — which include supporting terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that target Israel.

The Zionist frustration over the deal comes as Washington insists on finalizing the deal without taking the Tel Aviv’s conditions into consideration, Israeli media reported.

“There is frustration in Israel because Tel Aviv cannot play a role in the expected deal,” Israeli analyst Odi Siegel told the Israeli Channel 2.
“Tel Aviv understands that all American threats to halt the talks are false,” the Israeli analyst added.

Source: Al Manar TV

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