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Muslim-Christian debate on Trinity in Qur’an, Old, New Testaments

8 July 2015 8:23


Head of Specialized Studies on Science of Discourse and Religions said on Tuesday in order to compile the book Trinity in Qur’an, Old and New Testaments more than 3,000 pages of face to face and internet interviews with Christian priests were collected.

Muslim-Christian debate on Trinity in Qur’an, Old, New Testaments
In unveiling gathering of the book Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Kashani said the matter is referred to in a number of holy chapters of the Glorious Qur’an.

‘Therefore, we need to have a precise cognition about this concept, as the Christians accuse us of criticizing a concept of which we do not have a thorough comprehension. Therefore, we needed to acquire a precise understanding of Trinity the way that the church believes in it before criticizing it,’ he added.

Kashani said that compiling of the book took two years as each of the discussions with the Christian priests were coded and analyzed.

‘The priests presented the existing criticisms against Trinity and I tried to criticize their critical comments, which took the longest time of this research work,’ he said.

The author of the book ‘Trinity in Qur’an, Old and New Testaments’ said that he also took a good amount of time to introduce the personalities of those who are opposed to the Trinity idea, one of which is the Witnesses of Judaism, in whose classes I participated and their critical points were added to the book.

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