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Qassam Brigades Reveal Zikim Operation Details

9 July 2015 19:22

Qassam Brigades Reveal Zikim Operation Details

Qassam brigades the military wing of Hamas revealed a footage to show some new details of last year operation to Zionst regime military base Zikim, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Accoring to Al-Alam News Network, last year at the same days in the course of the Zionists’ attack to Gaza strip, Qassam Brigades’ fighters in a rare sea operation infiltrated to the occupied land, reached Zikim military base, and after the operation returned to Gaza safe.

In the anniversary of this honorable operation, Ezzedeen Qassam site revealed a footage to show this operation in which one of the fighters of resistance movement stopped in front of Zikim base and after finishing the reconnaissance operation returned to their site safe.

This video shows that Qassam artillery targets Zikim military base by mortar and 107-Missiles, as a result of which some Zionists were killed and injured.

Some parts of this footage that has been recorded around the Zikim base, proves the falseness of Zionists’ claims about little amount of casualties.

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