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Haneyya Quds Day Speech: Gaza on the verge of a new stage

11 July 2015 13:20


Deputy Head of Hamas’s Political Bureau Ismail Haneyya said Int. Quds Day that his Movement is working seriously to lift the unfair Israeli siege on Gaza.

Haneyya told alkhaleejonline website, on the sidelines of Friday prayers, that Gaza was on the verge of a new positive stage as extremely important developments would take place in the near future.

Gaza siege will not be long in light of the extensive Palestinian efforts made at several levels to lift the blockade without any political price, he said.

“We do not want to go to a new war with the Israeli occupation; however, we seek to boost the Palestinian resistance to enable it deal with any possible threats.”

Earlier this week, Hamas and Israeli authorities officially announced that indirect negotiations between them were underway to stabilize calm and to negotiate the release of Israelis captured by Hamas in a possible new swap deal.

Israeli TV Channel 2 earlier revealed that Israeli authorities had appointed Lior Lotan at the head of a committee entrusted with negotiations for the return of the Israeli soldiers captured by Hamas.

The appointment came after Israeli Security Services admitted for the first time that two Israelis and two dead soldiers are being held captive by Hamas in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

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