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“Surrender or Die”: From Honour of Islamic Ummah Hezbollah to Al-Nusra Terrorists in Syria

12 July 2015 14:09
“Surrender or Die”: Hezbollah to Al-Nusra Terrorists in Syria

“Surrender or Die”: Hezbollah to Al-Nusra Terrorists in Syria


Fighters from the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah have issued an ultimatum to al-Nusra terrorists operating in Syria to either surrender or die, Al-Alam News Network reports.

According to local reports, Hezbollah fighters tightened their noose over al-Nusra militants in the Syrian city of Zabadani, 50 kilometers Northwest of Damascus, warning them to either surrender or face a harsh military assault.

The reports added that Hezbollah fighters along with Syrian troops are gearing up to purge the city from a few pockets of the terrorists who are still holed up in the area.

On July 4, Syrian ground forces managed to enter the mostly deserted Zabadani around dawn while Syrian fighter jets intensely pounded the positions of the militants inside the town.

Hezbollah fighters and the Syrian national military are engaged in a wide-scale military campaign against the Takfiri groups operating across Syria. Cleansing operations included so far Arsal barrens, Qalamoun region and Zabadani town.


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