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Jenin celebrates Islamic Jihad Leader Khader Adnan’s release

13 July 2015 19:14


Major celebrations were organized Sunday night in the hometown of Palestinian former prisoner Islamic Jihad Leader Khader Adnan following his release from Israeli jails late Saturday.

A big number of people gathered outside Adnan’s home in his hometown of Arraba in the northern West Bank district of Jenin celebrating his victory over Israeli jailers.

Adnan, 37, was released by the Israeli occupation authorities on Saturday, two weeks after a deal was reached to end his 55-day long hunger strike launched in protest against the Israeli administrative detention policy according to which hundreds of Palestinians are held without charge or trial.

Palestinian national leaders confirmed during the ceremony their total support for Khader Adnan’s legitimate demands and protest steps.

Adnan, for his part, stressed that his victory is shared by all Palestinian prisoners, expressing his gratitude to all those who supported him during the hunger strike, mainly journalists and human rights activists.

Adnan’s hunger strike was the second he had undertaken against the Israeli practice, following a 66-day long hunger strike in 2012, the longest carried out by a Palestinian in Israeli detention.

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