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Dead doctor acclaimed for donating body for research

14 July 2015 12:45



A deceased Iranian doctor has received plaudits for authorizing the donation of his body for research.

The cadaver of Ahmad Kheradmand, an otolaryngologist who died last week, was delivered to the anatomy department of the University of Shiraz on Monday, the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported.

The donation was part of Kheradmand’s will as he had also demanded the money planned for his burial service be spent on the construction of a cancer-specific hospital in rural regions in south of Iran.

over the past years, Iranians have become more willing to voluntarily donate their organs after death, with reports showing higher numbers of people being treated through transplants of organs donated by others. The supply of corpses for medical research, however, remains low, mostly because people aren’t aware of the need or do not feel any religious virtue in doing so.

Kheradmand has been one of the first physicians to contribute to the scientific endeavor in this manner.

Mohammad Bagher Khosravi, the top health and medical official in Fars province, appreciated the move, saying Kheradmand set a great precedence to those seeking to serve science through donating their bodies.

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