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Baraka: Palestinians are keen on preserving civil peace in Lebanon

16 July 2015 19:05


Hamas’ representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka stressed Tuesday that Palestinian national and Islamic movements are keen on preserving civil peace in Lebanon and on strengthening Palestinian-Lebanese relations.

“Palestinians have no ambitions in Lebanon; they are they as refugees seeking the right of return to Palestine,” he stressed.

During a ceremony held by Hamas in Beirut, Baraka pointed to his group’s ongoing efforts to prevent any sectarian strife inside or outside the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

On the other hand, he warned of the serious implications of UNRWA’s recent decisions to reduce its services provided to Palestinian refugees.

The senior leader in Hamas movement stressed the urgent need to adopt a Palestinian-Arab strategy to deal with UNRWA’s planned measures, calling on the Lebanese government to allow Palestinian protests on the border areas with Palestinian occupied territories in rejection to UNRWA’s decisions.

In another context, he hailed the Palestinian resistance achievements during Israel’s summer aggression on Gaza that coincides these days.

“Resistance is the sole path to achieve Palestinian liberation and independence,” he added.

Baraka called on the international community and Arab League to work on lifting the siege on Gaza, to accelerate Gaza reconstruction, and to hold Israeli leaders accountable for committing war crimes.

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