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Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani: zionists’ Wrath Best Aspect of Nuclear Deal

17 July 2015 18:52
Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani: Zionists’ Wrath Best Aspect of Nuclear Deal

Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani: Zionists’ Wrath Best Aspect of Nuclear Deal

Appreciating Supreme Leader’s support, President’s efforts and negotiation team’s tireless endeavors, interim Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran considered best aspect of nuclear agreement the Zionist regime’s wrath against it, Al-Alam News Network reports.
Addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers, Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahhedi-Kermani said that the best proof for the true value of this agreement for Iran is the racist-Zionist regime’s wrath, which has always openly been expressed.
“The people’s resistance in confrontation with the unjustly imposed sanctions and the economic pressures disheartened the Americans from further intensifying of the sanctions and their usefulness in bringing to the knees of the brave Iranian nation,” said Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani.
He said that the Americans believed President Hassan Rouhani’s advice that told them that the language of respect and not the language of threats, sanctions, and pressure should be used in speaking with the Iranians.
“The Zionist regime and its supporters, especially the Saudi Arabians are highly displeased with this agreement and we should repeat Martyr Ayatollah Mohammad Hosseini-Beheshti’s comment on the Americans about them where he said: Be angry with the Iranian nation and die of that anger!”

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