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Blasts allegedly by Takfiris Hit Cars for Hamas, Islamic Jihad Mujaheds in Gaza

19 July 2015 23:37



Explosions on Sunday destroyed five cars in Gaza belonging to members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, witnesses and a security source said, amid tensions between the Palestinian territory’s rulers and extremists.

Local police have not yet commented on the explosions in different areas of Gaza City. There was no immediate confirmation of any casualties.

A security source said three of the cars belonged to members of Hamas and two to Islamic Jihad members.

There have been growing signs of internal unrest in the Gaza Strip, with Hamas engaged in a power struggle with smaller extremist groups.

A spate of bomb attacks has targeted public buildings and officials as well as international organizations.

Rocket fire from Gaza into a Zionist settlement has also been claimed by Salafist extremists claiming links to the Islamic State group.

Extremist groups have been angered by a Hamas crackdown and claimed in recent weeks that around 100 of their members or supporters were behind bars.

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