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Hezbollah & Syrian Army Advance, Strike Terrorists in Zabadani

19 July 2015 15:08

Syrian Army 5-2

Syrian Army units killed increasing numbers of terrorists as they continued operations in various areas, foiling several infiltration attempts.

Al-Zabadani, Damascus Countryside

Hezbollah and the Syrian Army killed 20 terrorists who were trying to flee al-Zabadani city to the north-west of Damascus, according to a military source.

The Resistance and the Syrian military advanced in Zabadani plain and controlled the area of Darb al-Sham which is the terrorists’ supply way towards Baradah.

The source told SANA that weapons and ammunition in the possession of the terrorists, who were mostly from al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, were destroyed in the operation.


In the northern Aleppo province, an army unit killed all members of a terrorist group that attempted to infiltrate from al-Khabieh market into al-Sweiqeh area in Old Aleppo in the city.

Army units also targeted terrorists’ positions in several neighborhoods in Aleppo city, inflicting losses and casualties in their ranks.

The operations took place in the neighborhoods of Bani Zaid, al-Rashidin, al-Sukkari, Bab al-Nairab, al-Salihin, al-Jazmati roundabout and al-Lairamoun.

The military source also confirmed that gatherings and movements of al-Nusra terrorists were targeted in the towns of Bianoun, Hayan and Ritian and in Hreitan city and Qal’et Najm village in the northern countryside of Aleppo province.

Several terrorists’ hideouts and some vehicles equipped with machine guns were destroyed during army operations in the towns of Maer and Kafr Hamra and in Daret Ezza city in the northwestern countryside.

Army units also eliminated gatherings of ISIL terrorists in the surroundings of the Air Force Academy, located on the highway leading to the northeastern Raqqa province.


In the neighboring Idleb province, the army air force targeted gatherings of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles that were equipped with heavy machineguns in Abu al-Duhour town and the villages of Um Jerin, al-Mjass, Qare’ al-Ghazal and al-Tur’a in the eastern countryside of the northern Idleb province, a military source told SANA on Sunday.

In the southwestern countryside of Idleb province, the army air force hit gatherings of terrorists and targeted their movements in the villages of Bzeit, Jannet al-Qura and Taoum to the southeast of Jisr al-Shughour city.

Tens of the terrorists’ vehicles with all arms, ammunitions and equipment onboard were destroyed.


In southern Syria, An army unit killed a number of al-Nusra terrorists and destroyed their arms in a special operation targeting their dens in the villages of Ufania and Abu Shattah near Jabata al-Khashab in the northern countryside of Quneitra province.

Another army unit targeted terrorists’ hideouts in Um Batina village, 6km to the east of Quneitra city, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and equipment.


The army air force targeted in a series of strikes hideouts of ISIL terrorists in Palmyra city and in the areas of Bir Abu Tawala, Rasm al-Tawil, al-Kadim, Marhajan, al-Bardeh, to the north of Wadi Abiyad dam, Shiha, Buraq al-Nashmi and to the north of Tal Nashma in Palmyra countryside in Homs province.

Many ISIL terrorists were killed and their vehicles, which were equipped with machineguns, were destroyed in the air strikes.

Army units inflicted casualties upon ISIL terrorists and losses upon their vehicles as they targeted their positions at the municipality’s building and in the vicinity of the Justice Palace’s building in Palmyra city.

The army air force also targeted hideouts and movements of ISIL terrorists to the north of al-Shaer and Jazal oil fields, destroying vehicles equipped with machineguns and killing many terrorists.

More ISIL terrorists were killed and their vehicles were destroyed in air strikes on their hideouts and gatherings in al-Shindakhiyeh al-Janoubiyeh, 70 km to the east of Homs.


Many terrorists were killed and their vehicles were destroyed in army air strikes that targeted their positions in Jeb al-Ahmar and Kabani in the northern countryside of Latakia province.


In the northeastern Hasaka province, an army unit clashed with ISIL terrorists positioned in building blocks near the cemetery in the southeastern side of Ghweiran neighborhood in Hasaka city.

Field sources told SANA that the clashes left a number of terrorists killed, while the rest were hemmed in separate sites in the surroundings of the cemetery.

Sporadic clashes also break out between the army units and the national backup forces on one hand and ISIL terrorists on the other on the outskirts of the neighborhoods of al-Nashwa al-Gharbiyeh and al-Nashwa Villat and the youth housing compound.

The terrorists suffered casualties during the clashes, according to the sources.

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