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Iranian Sunni cleric: N-talks proving righteousness of Iranians’ demands

19 July 2015 9:30


Iranian Sunni cleric hailed recent nuclear conclusion between Iran and EU/EU3 countries calling that a proof for the righteousness of Iranian nation’s demand.

Mamusta Seyyed Ahsan Husseini, Sunni prayer leader in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, congratulated the successful conclusion of Iran’s nuclear talks and called that a symbol of perseverance of the people and a proof for solidarity among different religions in the country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He added,” In the light of unity among different Islamic denominations and wisdom of the government we witnessed the fruitfulness of these talks and we hope that this success will soon affect the lives of the people for better.”

Prayer leader of Sanandaj also praised the conclusion of talks as a turning point in proving the righteousness of the demands of Iranian nation and expressed his gratitude for Iran’s nuclear team.

Mamusta Husseini in another part of his weekly sermon counted religious brevity as the criterion that will lead Muslims to honor and transcendence.

The cleric stressed the importance of practicing holy Qur’an since it will provide the grounds for more brevity and a spirit of gallantry among Muslims.

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