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Syrian Air Force Pounds ISIL at Palmyra: Over 90 Airstrikes Reported in East Homs

19 July 2015 11:55


ISIL was awoken to a barrage of powerful airstrikes on Saturday morning, as the Syrian Arab Air Force launched their aerial campaign over the eastern Homs countryside.

Unprepared and exposed in the desert terrain, the ISIL terrorists were at the mercy of the Syrian Air Force, who took advantage of the terrorist group’s long-night of celebrations (end of Ramadan) by launching 90 airstrikes on Saturday.

In the pitch-black desert, the Syrian Air Force began their aerial campaign around 4:15 A.M. (Damascus Time), striking the terrorist group at the ancient city of Palmyra, Qurayteen, Jubb Al-Ahmad, Al-Sukhnah, and Farqalas.

As the Syrian Air Force’s airstrikes intensified over east Homs, so did the Syrian Armed Forces’ ground assault in the western countryside of Palmyra, leaving the ISIL militants with no place to shelter themselves from the relentless onslaught.

Adding to ISIL’s woes in east Homs, the Syrian Armed Forces’ continued their counter-assault in the southern countryside of the Tiyas Airbase, capturing more territory around the Al-Hayl Mountians.

The Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces – in coordination with Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks Brigade) continued their march to the northern entrance of Palmyra city, attacking ISIS at the southeastern perimeter of the Ancient Quarries – clashes have restarted this morning.

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