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Washington admits Iran sanctions were unsuccessful: Brian Becker


An American analyst says John Kerry’s recent remarks about Iran indicate that the United States is aware that sanctions imposed against Tehran were unsuccessful.

Brian Becker, a Middle East expert in Washington, made the comments in a Sunday interview with Press TV after Kerry criticized the naysayers to a diplomatic solution for Iran’s civilian nuclear program.

“What Kerry is saying… is that the sanctions regime was unsuccessful,” Becker said, adding “unsuccessful not in deterring Iran from accessing or gaining nuclear weapons, which Iran has said since the beginning it did not want, but unsuccessful in its ability to hurt or destroy Iran.”

The top US diplomat said over the weekend that pressure is not the way to confront Iran’s rising power since sanctions have already proven unsuccessful as the main supporting countries of these punitive measures had already started to lose faith in their effectiveness.

Kerry admitted that some of the countries “who are helping to provide those sanctions” would have removed their backing sooner or later.

Becker also affirmed this, saying Washington was well aware that it needed to resort to other tactics in order to have the support from these countries.

“All of those countries, if it appeared that the United States was the saboteur of… the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, those countries, being independent entities could no longer be kowtowed in the supporting of a severe economic sanctions regime against Iran.”

The analyst went on to say the continuation of the sanctions would have benefitted Iran because “it would be the United States that would be isolated from the rest of the world community.”

Becker maintained that the nuclear Non-proliferation treaty (NPT) allows Iran to develop its civilian nuclear program and Tehran has proven to be “strong” and “durable” in doing so.

He also slammed the United States and Israel for conspiring to weaken Iran, an objective that they have now come to realize is not possible.

“Kerry’s comments are revealing because they indicate in a very tell tale way that the issue was never about Iran’s nuclear program, but about tactics that could be successfully employed to either weaken or subvert or sabotage or even defeat the Islamic Republic of Iran by the United States and Israel.”

“This has always been about power. Power employed by the United States against Iran and at the relationship of forces has shifted in the recent months and years, so much so that the old tactic of the employment of severe economic sanctions is no longer effective in carrying out regime change in Iran,” Becker concluded.

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