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Lebanon Sunni clerics unite against Takfir

20 July 2015 21:30


Sunni clerics, leading Eid al fitr prayer across Lebanon, unanimously slammed Takfiri (excommunication) attacks calling that an invention of the world Zionism.

Sheikh Ahmad al Qattan, head of the Society of Words and Actions in his Eid sermon addressed Takfiri groups who kill civilians under the name of Jihad calling them to fight for Palestine as a struggle for God almighty, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” The real Jihad is in Palestine and the youths have to prepare for liberation of the occupied lands of Palestine.”

Sheikh Qattan denounced killings and crimes committed under the name of Islam and added,” What type of Islam is it when mosques are exploded and prayers are slaughtered? What type of Islamic blessing is it when other Muslims are excommunicated?”

According to the Sunni scholar those who excommunicate other Muslims are those who carry out enemies plots.

Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan, prayer leader of Mohammad Amin (PBUH) Mosque in Beirut denounced Takfiri movements counted three issues for the Arab countries as religious extremism, catastrophic wars and international policies though there is nothing more devastating than religious extremism and killing of the people under the name of religion.

He expressed regret over tarnishing the image of Islam as a serious issue in the Muslim world and added,” Muslims have to attend the followers of other religions since innocent Christians in some Islamic states have been forced to emigrate.”

Sheikh Malik Al Sha’ar, Mufti of Tripoli, in his Eid sermon called Lebanese to notice their true enemy saying,” Lebanese should know that the Zionist regime of Israel is our number one enemy, a regime that has violated the rights of the Muslims and is making the best of our disagreements.”

He warned against political extremism and stressed,” continuation of the present situation in Lebanon is only beneficial for the Zionist regime.”

senior cleric also slammed the pretention of the Takfiri groups to carry out Islamic Sharia and said,” All religions, particularly Islam, is against murder, evacuation of the people from their homes and torturing. Islam is the religion of blessings and is away from any form of oppression.”

Sheikh Mahir Abdul Razzaq, head of the reform and Unity Movement, called the present situation of the Muslim world quite critical and urged all Muslims to stand against plots hatched by Takfiri and Zionist groupps against Muslim and Arab states.

He added,” destruction, murder and the crimes committed against Islamic countries are prevented only through Islamic unity. The giant Takfir which is committing all the murder in the world of Islam has no relation with Islam. It is only a heinous plot against Muslims and the holy religion of Islam.”

Sunni cleric called Takfir as an initiation of the world Zionism and stressed,” These groups indiscriminately commit crimes among Muslims and non-Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs.”

Lebanese scholar warned politicians to put an end to violent discourses which only beef up divisions because it is to the benefit of the Takfiri enemies.

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