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British terrorist killed in Syria airstrike

22 July 2015 12:24


A Briton, featured in a viral ISIL recruitment video with two others, is believed to have been killed by an air strike in Syria.

Reyaad Khan, 21 from Cardiff traveled to Syria to fight with the terrorist group and shocked his family members in the UK when he appeared in a prominent online video with his school friends Nasser Muthana and Abdul Raqib Amin. The video, which made headlines across the globe showed the trio speaking in their British accent, encouraging other Britons and Westerners to make the journey to Syria.

Almost a year after the release of the video, Khan is believed to have been killed while fighting with ISIL.

In a tweet published on Monday, Shiraz Maher, a senior fellow at the International Center for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College in London, confirmed the likelihood of Khan being killed, but emphasized that the information was not absolutely categorical.

He added the death is thought to have occurred in an airstrike two weeks ago.

A Twitter account belonging to a female British fighter who is believed to be in Syria also confirmed the news saying “Abu Dujana” (a name used for Khan) had been “lost”. She went on to praise the death of Khan describing him as having become a “green bird”.

A police statement said: “South Wales police cannot confirm or corroborate reports on social media highlighting the injury or death of Riyad Khan, or any other individual, who has traveled to Syria. The media are urged to treat any such reports with caution.”

British authorities have estimated over 700 British fighters have traveled to fight with the terrorist group since the beginning of the foreign backed insurgency in Syria. Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, Mark Rowley suggests the fact that over half of the fighters have returned home poses a serious concern and threat towards the country.

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