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British-Sudanese medic killed fighting along with ISIL terrorists in Syria

23 July 2015 15:48


A group of British-Sudanese medical students who traveled to Syria to join ISIL terrorists has lost one of its members while battling with Syria government forces.

Osman Mustafa Fagiri, 23, from north London, is believed to have been killed in the ISIL-held province of Raqqa in northern Syria. He was one of nine British-Sudanese medical students who left their homes in March to aid ISIL in medical need.

8 of 9 British medical students crossed into ISIL-held territory in Syria in 2014
One of the group members, Osama Badri, 24, confirmed the death of Fagiri’s via a Facebook post in which he wrote: “May Allah accept our brother Osman Mustafa Fagiri. I have known him for more than 5 years!”

The group traveled to ISIL-controlled parts of Syria in 2014 after spending some time together in Mali.

Fagiri had studied at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST) in Khartoum and was part of a group of at least 18 British-Sudanese students who studied at the Sudanese private medical college and subsequently either joined or attempted to join ISIL in Syria.

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