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Hamas: The law on stone throwing reflects Israel’s criminality

23 July 2015 7:48


Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, condemned the Israeli Knesset’s resolution on raising the penalty of stone throwing up to 20-year imprisonment.

Hamas’s Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said, in a statement on Wednesday, “Endorsing the law reflects the criminal and racist reality of the Israeli occupation”. He asked the international community to bear its responsibility and put an end to Israeli racism.

He underlined that such resolutions do not break the steadfastness and determination of the Palestinian people to continue resistance of the Israeli occupation.

The Israeli Knesset endorsed on Tuesday the second and third readings of a law which states for at least 5-year imprisonment against stone throwers. 69 MKs approved it while 17 only refused the resolution.

The law comes on stages; a sentence of 5-10-year imprisonment is issued against those who are convicted even though they do not intend to cause any harm. However, a sentence of 20-year imprisonment is the ruling against those who intend harming Israelis.

However, the law says nothing about Jewish settlers who throw stones at Palestinians, attack them and damage their properties on Daily basis.

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