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ISIL Terrorists Escaping Ramadi, Palmyra to Save Lives

27 July 2015 16:39
ISIL Terrorists Escaping Ramadi, Palmira to Save Lives

ISIL Terrorists Escaping Ramadi, Palmira to Save Lives


After sustaining heavy casualties in clashes in the cities of Ramadi and Palmyra, the ISIL Takfiri Terrorists are on the run to save their lives, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Popular and military sources in Iraq said ISIL members have lost morale after the recent victories of the popular troops in Al-Anbar province and are now fleeing the city of Ramadi.

In Syria, after ISIL members fled Palmyra following a series of gains by the Syrian army last month, reports said last night that the number of fugitive terrorists has suddenly increased after the army broke the Takfiri militants’ line of defense and forced them to retreat from the region.

On Friday, the Iraqi volunteer forces made new gains in Al-Anbar, and purged a strategic road in the province of Takfiri terrorists.

In a seven-hour-long military operation, the Iraqi forces pushed back the ISIL terrorists from Bouathia-Ramadi road, killing tens of Takfiri militants in heavy clashes.

Meantime, the Iraqi army and the volunteer forces won back control over strategic hilltops in the Eastern parts of the city of al-Ramadi.


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