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ISIL Loses Ground in Al-Jafra After a Failed Attack on the Deir Ezzor Military Airport

28 July 2015 12:03


The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) conducted a large-scale assault on the eastern perimeter of the Deir Ezzor Military Airport over the weekend, resulting in a series of fierce firefights with the Syrian Arab Army’s 137th Brigade of the 17th Reserve Division.

However, ISIS’ large-scale assault on the Deir Ezzor Military Airport did not go as planned, due to the stiff resistance from the Syrian Armed Forces entrenched at the eastern guard tower of the base.

Following an eight hour engagement, the terrorist group was forced to withdraw from the eastern perimeter of the Deir Ezzor Military Airport, as they sustained heavy casualties during their infiltration attempt into this airbase.

The day after ISIS withdrew from the Deir Ezzor Military Airport, the SAA’s 137th Brigade – in coordination with the 113th Brigade and the National Defense Forces (NDF) – carried out a successful assault on the terrorist group’s frontline positions at Al-Jafra, capturing the plum farms at the eastern sector of the village.

According to a military source in Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Armed Forces killed a total of 11 enemy combatants from the terrorist group, including three foreigners from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

The source further added that the Syrian Armed Forces destroyed two armored vehicles mounted with 23mm anti-aircraft machine guns, along with the rocket launchers they were transporting.

Firefights between the Syrian Armed Forces and ISIS were reported at the Al-Jubeileh, Al-Rashidiyah, Sheikh Yasseen, Al-Husseiniyeh, Al-Kanamat, and Al-Hamidiyah Quarters of Deir Ezzor City.

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