Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Thousands of Kurdish looking foreign agents are ready to perform vicious plot in southeast of Turkey under cover of PKK and ISIL

28 July 2015 12:18

The Deep State in Turkey aim to speed up chaos and an internal war inside Turkey by their ISIL and PKK cards.The dark powers who feel raw about the peace in Turkey have implemented the chaos and war of Syria, Iraq inside Turkey.Terror groups declared that the truce is over following a so-called blitz against ISIL and PKK. Thousands of foreign agents who are Kurdish looking attacked soldiers and policemen brutally following an air attack, which has never happened in reality but on papers and media, towards PKK and ISIL. There is a vicious common plan to massacre our People, soldiers and police in southeast of Turkey under cover of PKK and ISIL.
Although the dark powers in Turkey are very busy with preparing a vicious plan to massacre people, this filthy common plot, sham fight, will come to nothing with the help of Almight Allah and the experienced people of Turkey. Furthermore, the wish, word of Allah is very close.

(Islamic Invitation Turkey)

Let’s remember the statement of Turkish officals following the bomb blast in Suruc:
Statement of the MP of the ruling party, AKP, of Turkey raised some serious questions about the Suruc massacre.
Muhsin Kızılkaya, one of the AKP parliamentarian members of Mersin, said, “Bomb blast is linked to ISIL and Turkey could resemble Syria or other countries in terms of war, chaos in a very short time. This blast should not be limited to the one in Diyarbakır Suruc region. ISIL can seize interesting opportunities in order to do further attacks,”

This brief explanation raised some serious questions as follows:

How can someone who is not as thick as thieves with ISIL state such kind of explanations?
How can Turkey be resembled to Syria just after one attack?
How can they state that the whole Turkey could be Syria in a very short time by giving judgement after a bomb blast? Do these authorities know something secret or something that is being hidden from the people of Turkey?
Is not the deep relation of ISIL-Turkey understood by the statement of officals?

We leave the answers of the questions above to our dear readers.

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