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50 Brits killed in terror ranks

29 July 2015 21:50



A newly-published research study has revealed that at least 50 British nationals have been killed fighting for terrorists in Syria and Iraq withing the past three years.

That is according to a study by the Guardian and experts from a University in London.

All of the verified dead are said to be male, including at least 8 teenagers.

“It is clear that British foreign fighters are not in Syria to take a back seat in the conflict. They are full participants in the war, serving on the front lines while also volunteering for some of the most risky combat roles available,” the Guardian quoted Shiraz Maher, head of the project at the thinktank as saying on Wednesday.

According to the study, of those killed, most joined ISIL or the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra front.


It has also been revealed that over 700 Britons have fought alongside terrorists in Syria or Iraq at some point in the past three years.

Now, a London-based political commentator says the British government and other Western states have already been aware of growing number of Western youths joining terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

“They were well aware of this. (ISIL recruits) entering from Britain to Syria through Turkey was very well-monitored and there was no attempt to stop these people,” Chris Bambery told Press TV’s UK Desk on Wednesday.

He also blamed Islamophobia in the UK for the increasing number of Britons joining the Takfiri terrorists.

“A large section of Muslim population in Britain are very alienated from the British society as a consequence of more than a decade and half constant Islamophobia, as a consequence of the British government’s actions in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere…,” Bambery added.


The revelation is expected to raise serious questions about the effectiveness of the British security services performance in tracking elements affiliated to terrorist groups.

Earlier this year, British media reported that over than 300 dangerous extremists have returned to the UK after fighting along with ISIL terrorists.

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