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Facts of Quran discusssed on the issue of Palestine

29 July 2015 16:06


Thinkers and religious clerics discussed about facts of Quran over the issue of Palestine at the sideline of the First General Assembly of Islamic Resistance Ulima Union.

Under the title of “Facts of Quran”, the commission chaired by Lebanese cleric Khalil Razq was held at the sideline of the First General Assembly of Islamic Resistance Ulima Union so as to spotlight Quartic promises over the final freedom of Palestine.

Making his remarks in the event, one of Lebanon religious thinkers, Muhammad Al-Zabi beckoned to the issue of Palestine from Quranic view. In accordance with Quran vows, as he stressed, “final categorical doom of Israel will occur in the future and the oppressed nation of Palestine will attain victory with no doubt.”

“Liberation of Palestine is a divine and humane duty upon all of us and to this end Muslims should safeguard their solidarity against the regime of Zionism,” said Muhammad Al-Zabi.

In another line of argument, Mulavi Abdol Hamid from Iran and the province of Sistan and Baluchistan underscored the roadmap of Islamic Nations Awakening through which scores of problems and setbacks including the issue of Palestine can be braved.

Approaching from another angle to the case, Iranian Sunni cleric stressed “The issue of Palestine can be used, in point of fact, as a way for awakening world of Islam and Muslims nations.”

He placed stress on the importance of unity, urging Muslims to refrain from any measures leading to disunity and all the same situate their efforts on the liberation of occupied Palestine land.

In his line, running a place with consideration of Islamic ordinance and under leadership of a just and Muslim leader is a necessity.

with this connection, Mulavi Abdol Hamid offered the Islamic Revolution of Iran as a model for other other oppressed nations.

In actual fact, The basic characteristic of this revolution, which distinguishes it from other movements that have taken place in Iran during the past hundred years, is its ideological and Islamic nature. Such matters according to participants of the General Assembly of Islamic Resistance Ulima Union should be taken into cognizance.

First General Assembly of Islamic Resistance Ulima Union is underway in Lebanon Capital of Beirut with prominent religious leaders and thinkers in attendance.

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