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ISIL’s so called Treasury Minister Killed in Fallujah

29 July 2015 22:26



ISIL’s senior commander, Ibrahim Jassam Fazah, who is called the terrorist group’s treasury minister, was killed in the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Wednesday.

The Commander of volunteer forces, Jom’e Jamili, announced minutes ago that Iraqi snipers killed Jassam Fazah in the city of Fallujah in Anbar province on Wednesday.

The ISIL’s self-proclaimed governor of Fallujah, Nawfal al-Tikriti, and two of his aides were also killed in an Iraqi air force airstrike in Anbar province on Sunday.

According to FNA dispatches, the Iraqi army and volunteer forces have recently made advances in the heart of Al-Anbar province.

Popular and military sources in Iraq said ISIL members have lost morale after the recent victories of the popular troops in Al-Anbar province and are now fleeing the city of Ramadi.

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