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Syria: Takfiri Terrorists Attack Residential Areas of Besieged Towns with Gas Cylinders

29 July 2015 22:19



The Al-Nusra terrorist group continued its heavy shelling of the two Shiite-populated strategic towns of Al-Zahra and Nabl in Northern Aleppo province with mortar shells and gas cylinders to cleanse the entire population as the Takfiri terrorists have failed to conquer the two towns after more than a two-year-long siege.

The Al-Nusra terrorists hit Al-Zahra and Nabl towns with over 70 rockets, missiles and even gas cylinders over the past 24 hours.

It is for over one week now that the Takfiri terrorists have resumed their heavy artillery attacks on Nabal and Al-Zahra towns.

The terrorists’ attacks were mostly concentrated on the residential areas of the towns to incur maximum casualties and losses on the population.

The terrorists hit Mayer, Zahreh al-Qareh and Tamoureh districts of al-Zahra town with mortar shells and gas cylinders more than other areas.

In retaliation, the Syrian air force targeted the terrorists’ gathering centers in the surrounding areas of the towns which resulted in the destruction of terrorists’ gathering centers from where mortars and missiles were fired.

The residents of Nabl and Al-Zahra have been under the terrorist groups’ siege for more than two years now, although they have been under heavy attacks for four years.

“The popular forces in Nabl and Al-Zahra in the Northern parts of Aleppo have been fighting against the terrorists with light weapons for several years now,” an informed source told FNA.

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